Eclipse 2012. 
Astro Photography, illustration, design and graphics by the artist. All digital, using Illustrator and Photoshop. Poster and Giclee prints available.

Planet Love
View of a green gas giant from high orbit of it's Moon.
Art Prints Available
Star of David 
Astro Surrealism is a series of works I do where deep space, stellar and nebula are the canvas for an image
Original n acrylic on 4-ply rag board.
Giclee Prints Available

Sacred Way
Self portrait as an astronomical illustrator tens of thousands of years ago. We've been able to date astronomical events from cave art and petroglyphs. Acrylic on 8-ply Rag Board.
Giclee Prints Available
 Archetypal space in "astrosurrealist"  form (my name for this subject type) . 
I started visualizing this type of concept when I was in my late teens. Years later realizing the idea in many paintings and illustrations. 

...or Quasi-Stellar Source. I  had to imagine proximity to such an almost mythical  object I have read about for years before.
 Acrylic on Prepared Masonite. Giclee Prints Available

"Giving Thing 2" 1 was acrylic I did for a book published in Germany and England. The female hand here is a 3D model, and the male hand is standard illustration.

Matters Dark Eye

Acrylic on Prepared Masonite

Giclee Prints Available

Eclipse 2017

Astro-Photography and Composite by Garret Moore
Fine Art Prints Available

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